Is joint pain putting a strain on your life? Are you looking for a solution?

The science behind your Joint Pain
Joint conditions like Osteoarthritis and some sports injuries lead to the wearing away of the protective tissue that pads your joint cartilage. They also break down your synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a substance that lubricates and cushions your joints, helping them to absorb shock and remain flexible.

Eventually, this wearing away causes the bones in your joints to rub against each other; creating stiffness, pain, and a reduction in your ability to move freely. When this happens, performing the simplest of tasks – perhaps putting on your shoes or getting in and out of a car – can become painfully difficult.

How Viscosupplements can help
Viscosupplementation mimics the work of young, healthy synovial joint fluid.

Viscosupplements are formulas made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which your joint fluid contains, which works to absorb shocks and lubricate your joints.

People with osteoarthritis, or those who have suffered certain kinds of injuries, have low hyaluronic acid levels in their joints. Viscosupplements, then, can work to supplement this essential hyaluronic acid. Effective Viscosupplement formulas act as lubricating, cushioning agents within joints – alleviating pain and facilitating an enjoyable, active day to day life.

What the research says about Viscosupplements
For any new medical intervention to gain the approval of the medical profession, it has to be subjected to extensive, rigorous, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials – and Viscosupplements are no exception. The science of a treatment, and the assurance that it is considerably safe, has to be established.

  • In clinical trials, Viscosupplement injections were shown to be as effective a form of pain relief as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen – but without the associated stomach and gastrointestinal dangers of NSAIDs.
  • Research has shown that Viscosupplement pain relief can be greater than that achieved by the injection of glucocorticoids (e.g. Cortisone). Pain relief with Viscosupplement injections will usually take a little bit longer (perhaps a few weeks) to take effect, but when it does, it can be more significant and far more long-lasting.
  • Viscosupplements have also been shown to be helpful in patients who have inflammation and joint effusion (a build-up of fluid in the joint).
  • For joints that are painful and swollen, an injection of Viscosupplements can be preceded by the extraction of infected/diseased fluid.
  • Clinical trials and patient data have shown Viscosupplement treatment to be a considerably safe intervention – with fewer side effects than other treatments. Any side effects are generally mild and temporary – for example pain and soreness in the injected site or temporary swelling.

Supported by hard data, Viscosupplement treatment can help sufferers return to a life without the limits set by joint pain.

Which Viscosupplement formula should I choose?
There are a number of different Viscosupplement formulas available for joint pain treatment.

Here at, we have taken the time to compare data on the various Viscosupplementation substances in order to determine which ones are best supported by current research, and shown to have the most far-reaching benefits.

We compared data on the different Viscosupplement formulas available: Synvisc/Synvisc-One, Ostenil Plus, Durolane, Monovisc, Neovisc, Hyalgan and Euflexxa. The results indicate a clear winner: Synvisc/Synvisc-One.

Synvisc/Synvisc-One has been widely researched and documented in well over 100 medical and scientific publications (far more than any other Viscosupplement formula on the test list). Both Synvisc and Synvisc-One contain the same Viscosupplement formula, the only difference being that Synvisc is 2ml in quantity and Synvisc-One, 6ml.

Why Synvisc/Synvisc-One?
Synvisc/Synvisc-One stands out against other viscosupplement formulas in that that it has a demonstrated potential to exceed the pain relief of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and corticosteroids at 26 weeks post-treatment. Research has also confirmed it is safe for repeat treatment.

Distinct from most other viscosupplement formulas, Synvisc/Synvisc-One has been shown to protect the joints from cartilage loss. So it not only can be used to relieve pain, but it is a potentially effective preventative measure for people who have begun to lose or suffer damaged cartilage.

Unlike many other viscosupplement formulas, Synvisc/Synvisc-One is proven to provide patients with up to a year of improved mobility and pain relief in a single course of treatment. Synvisc administered in 3 injections, providing up to 1 year of pain relief. On the other hand, Synvisc-One uses just 1 injection for up to 6 months of pain relief.1-7

How can I beat Joint Pain?
If you are suffering with

Viscosupplement treatment could be your key to freedom. Call 0207 118 1771 today to book a consultation with a pain specialist.

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