Are you having trouble with Joint Pain?

Do you:

  • Sometimes experience grating pain when you move, and/or;
  • Suffer with stiffness and/or discomfort when you move after a period of rest?

Pain in the joints can be one of the most frustrating, debilitating problems a person can experience. We depend on our joints for movement, so joint problems can really affect quality of life; hindering your ability to do the activities you love the most. You may have had to give up the sports you enjoy, or cancel engagements with friends because of Joint Pain. If you are an athlete, Joint Pain may be particularly devastating for your quality of life.

Why do we suffer Joint Pain?
In a general sense, chronic Joint Pain occurs when slippery tissue and (synovial) fluid that covers the joint cartilage begins to wear down. When this happens, bones can start to rub against each other, creating pain, stiffness, and perhaps a reduction in our range of movement.

Chronic Joint Pain can be the result of a number of possible factors; perhaps injury, wear and tear, or heredity. As we age, our chances of experiencing joint problems such as Osteoarthritis increase.

Treatment options for Joint Pain
If you are experiencing recurring Joint Pain, you will obviously need to see a suitably qualified doctor. In many cases, specialist help is the only long-term solution.

It is usually accepted by physicians that any successful approach to Joint Pain should incorporate some form of non-pharmacological intervention such as change of diet, rest and/or physical therapy.

There is no general known cure for conditions like Osteoarthritis. The goal of treatment is to reduce your pain and increase your ability to go about your business easily – making your day-to-day activities, and indeed your life, more pleasant and enjoyable once more.

The problem with most treatments for Joint Pain
The problem with most treatments for Joint Pain is the side effects that often come with them. Oral analgesic painkillers – whether ibuprofen, paracetamol or stronger medications – are generally not viewed as a healthy long-term solution because they can cause serious stomach problems and gastrointestinal complications. There are also medical concerns about possible long-term effects on the liver and kidneys.

Intra-articular steroid injections, for example with the chemical Cortisone, can be effective for short-term relief from pain and stiffness. But research shows that repeat use can damage your cartilage.

Surgery is considered a last resort for sufferers with certain kinds of joint conditions whose pain is severe and cannot be relieved with other treatment options. As with any major surgery, joint surgery poses serious potential health risks (particularly for older people). It also involves a significant recovery period, including time away from work.

In the past, Joint Pain treatments have often presented patients with an unwelcome choice; either live with chronic pain, or risk adverse effects to health.

Thankfully, after many medical trials and much peer-reviewed research, things are changing.

A New Solution – Viscosupplements
Viscosupplements are injections into the joint space that replace damaged joint fluid with a substance that has cushioning, lubricating capacities, like those found in young, healthy joints. They can help your Joint Pain by:

  • Relieving Pain – Viscosupplements can alleviate your discomfort, helping you return to an active lifestyle
  • Absorbing Shock – Viscosupplements act as a replacement for your decreased or diseased joint fluid. They help your joints to cope effectively with movement again, making physical activity easier, and life more active and enjoyable once more.
  • Protecting Cartilage – In trials, some Viscosupplement formulas have actually been shown to act as a protector against future cartilage loss. This is crucial because cartilage loss is one of the chief causes of Joint Pain.

Viscosupplements can provide long-lasting relief from Joint Pain, and help patients return to ease of everyday life and physical activity.

If you are determined to enjoy life without the limits of Joint Pain, call 0207 118 1771 today to book a consultation with a pain specialist.

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