At we understand that the prospect of any new treatment can be both exciting and a little bit puzzling. Naturally you will have questions, and we are more than happy to answer them.

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and answers below, and if there’s anything you need to know that isn’t covered, just ask one of our specialists available on 0207 118 1771 – they will be happy to help.

What will happen during my Joint Pain Injection procedure?
To prepare your joint for injection, your specialist doctor will clean the surface area with alcohol/iodine, before applying a local anaesthetic to the skin. He/she will then insert a needle into your joint, drawing out any excess fluid from the joint.

Then, guided by state of the art ultrasound equipment to achieve optimum accuracy, your doctor will inject Synvisc / Synvisc-One directly into your joint.

This whole procedure should only take a few minutes, and you’ll be able to go home immediately after the treatment.

What should I do when I get home after treatment?
Extensively researched and trialled, Viscosupplement Injection is a safe, effective treatment for Joint Pain. Aftercare is minimal, but do bear in mind these guidelines:

  • If you have any mild pain or swelling at the injection site, you may want to rest and keep an ice pack on your knee for 15 to 20 minutes, or as recommended by your doctor.
  • Avoid putting a lot of strain on your knee for 48 hours after the injection (or as recommended by your doctor). Straining activities include jogging, heavy lifting, or prolonged standing.
What are the possible side effects?
Patient data and extensive clinical trials have demonstrated Viscosupplement injections to be a considerably safe intervention – with fewer side effects than other Joint Pain treatments. Any side effects are generally fleeting and mild – for instance swelling and soreness in the site of injection. In the unlikely event that symptoms continue or worsen, contact your doctor immediately. employs only the most rigorous treatment procedures. Before treatment your medical history will be reviewed by a specialist. You should tell your doctor if you have allergies to hyaluronan preparations (sodium hyaluronate) or avian proteins (chicken).

How will I know when it is time for another Viscosupplement injection?
There is no known permanent ‘cure’ for a condition like osteoarthritis – it is a chronic condition that cannot simply disappear forever. Therefore, you will need to book another treatment in due course, to maintain a pain-free, active life. This should be from around 6 months up to 1 year, depending on the strength of the dose you opt for.

The good news is that unlike other interventions for joint pain, repeat Viscosupplement treatment has been proven to be generally effective and safe. There are no absolute limits set out to the number of times you can have Viscosupplement injections. Viscosupplementation can be administered as long as it is clinically effective and giving benefit to the patient.

Track your symptoms, and if you notice pain or stiffness returning, speak with our specialists about scheduling your next appointment. Our doctors will be able to advise you regarding repeat treatment.

How are Viscosupplement injections different from Cortisone injections (Corticosteroid injections)?
Corticosteroids are a class of medication that reduce inflammation powerfully. (Cortisone is one type of corticosteroid and often the term “cortisone” is used interchangeably with “corticosteroid”). Corticosteroids are not pain relievers. They reduce inflammation. When corticosteroids relieve pain it is because they have reduced inflammation.

Viscosupplements on the other hand are formulas made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which your joint fluid (synovial fluid) contains. People with osteoarthritis, or those who have suffered certain kinds of injuries, have low hyaluronic acid levels in their joints. Viscosupplements, then, can work to supplement this essential hyaluronic acid. Effective Viscosupplement formulas act as lubricating, cushioning agents within joints – alleviating pain and facilitating an enjoyable, active day to day life.

A Viscosupplement, like Synvisc-One for example, provides up to 6 months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief with a single injection and it can be repeated safely. There are no absolute limits set out to the number of times you can have Viscosupplement injections. Viscosupplementation can be administered as long as it is clinically effective and giving benefit to the patient.

Cortisone injections into a joint on the other hand may have side effects that involve injury to the joint tissues, particularly with repeated injections. These injuries include thinning of the joint cartilage and weakening of the ligaments of the joint.

We realise there may be more questions you wish to ask. If there are any other queries you have, please don’t hesitate to ask in your initial assessment with one of our specialists. Call 0207 118 1771 to begin your pain free life.