We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the JointPainInjections Blog, where you can find a wealth of information regarding your osteoarthritis pain. Here at JointPainInjections.com we believe that joint pain sufferers should not be forced to choose between short-term pain relief and long term bodily health. We believe in safe, effective, research-supported treatment for Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Hip Pain and Shoulder Pain.

We’re so very pleased to have Dr Christopher Jenner as our leading Pain Consultant. With expertise in treating over 90 different pain conditions, he knows what it means to have chronic pain. Dr Jenner is also the founder of the highly regarded London Pain Clinic on London’s prestigious Harley Street, and is famous for his multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.

Going forward, it is our aim to help you to better understand how Viscosupplement injections differ from Cortisone injections (Corticosteroid injections). Additionally we will provide helpful tips and proven techniques in helping to reduce your pain. We hope you will find the information we provide to be invaluable in your journey with osteoarthritis.

From The Joint Pain Injection Team