Felicity Grant recently had an injection of Synvisc / Synvisc-One for the arthritis in her right knee. She tells jointpaininjections.com how the treatment has helped her keep doing the things she enjoys.

I’ve had arthritis for many years. It’s never stopped me from doing what I want, but the pain had been getting worse as time went on. I’m also a keen skier and sports car driver, and I was finding that doing these activities was causing further pain and swelling in my knee.

I had an arthroscopy in 2011 (a type of keyhole surgery that’s used to diagnose and treat joint problems) and was managing the condition with regular physiotherapy. But it was while visiting France that I got talking to a GP about viscosupplementation. He was very down to earth and he’d also seen the treatment work for his mother-in-law. So when I returned the UK I decided to try it for myself after talking it through with my physiotherapist.

I initially struggled to find somewhere to get the injections in the UK. I was almost ready to go back to France for treatment, but then I found The London Pain Clinic online. I came to the clinic for a consultation and scan, and then the injection. The procedure itself wasn’t painful – it’s just a couple of injections, which only takes 10 minutes. The whole process was very good. The clinic organises everything for you and Dr Jenner was very helpful.

The first couple of days after the injection were a bit painful, but I’m now pain-free and back to normal. I’ve even just come back from a 1,000-mile driving trip around Scotland and haven’t had any pain at all!

Having the treatment has helped me walk properly again as I’d been adjusting my movements to compensate for the arthritis, for example, walking down the stairs with a straight leg. It’s also meant that I don’t need to see the physiotherapist as much as I used too, and I’ve been able to get back to the gym to work on building up the muscles around the knees.

We have more information about viscosupplements here or you can call the team on 020 7118 1771 and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.