Summer is fast approaching, and while most of us are brimming with excitement for summer holidays, those of us with osteoarthritis might be less than thrilled to board a tiny overbooked airplane and be far from the comforts of home.

If you plan on traveling this summer, be sure to plan ahead and check out these helpful tips for traveling with osteoarthritis.

– Talk to your doctor
Make sure you have enough medication for the full length of your trip, and maybe even some extra in case of lost luggage or a delay.

– Call the airline
Inform them ahead of time that you have a medical condition. They should be able to provide you with a wheelchair, shuttle, and early boarding if necessary. Additionally, you can request airline personnel to help you carry luggage for you.

– Try not to schedule a super early flight
Especially if your joints tend to be achy in the morning.

– During your flight, support to your joints
A back roll or even a couple of pillows can work wonders. If you use a brace for your affected joint, bring or wear it.

– Practice good posture in your seat
If your legs are not at a right angle, ask for something to prop up your feet and keep your knees at a right angle.

– Move around during the flight
Get up and walk around every 2 to 3 hours. Speak with your doctor about useful in-flight exercises.

– Take your heat or ice therapy with you
If either heat or ice helps eases your joint pain, don’t be afraid to use it on the plane too. You can even ask the flight attendant for an ice pack.