Joint pain can affect daily life in many ways. As well as reduced mobility, you may find that everyday tasks, like cooking and cleaning, become more difficult. The good news is there are many things you can do to make life easier.

Making small adjustments around the home can help you protect your joints and reduce pain and stiffness. For example, if you’re suffering from knee pain, you could try attaching a metal basket to the inside of your front door so that you don’t have to bend to pick up your mail. A reaching stick is also a great tool for picking up items that are too low to collect easily.

If you have wrist pain, there are numerous gadgets out there that can help. A hand held blender is a great tool for mixing and chopping food, and electric toothbrushes can help save time and energy when brushing your teeth. You can also buy devices that help you turn keys more easily and plug grips to reduce the effort in removing plugs from their sockets.

You may not always need to buy a special gadget – making changes to your routine can help too. These could range from buying pre-chopped vegetables or ready-made meals, to getting your groceries delivered. There are also to great ‘DIY’ tips out there, such as using a plastic shopping bag to help swivel in and out of your car or chair at home.

If you’re looking to make more significant changes at home, you could think about improving your lighting and removing loose carpet to help reduce your risk of falling. Installing a second bannister may help if you’re unsteady on your feet. Adjusting the height of your cupboards and bench tops to your ideal height can also really help

You’ll be able to find a lot of helpful gadgets at your supermarket or hardware store, but there are also online stores like AskSARA that specialise in equipment for around the home. And if you have any helpful tips for our readers, then we’d love for you to share them on our Facebook page.