It’s a procedure that has long been a byword for old age, but now hip replacement surgery is increasingly being sought by people in their 40s and 50s. In fact analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons1 has shown a 76% increase in the number of people under the age of 60 undergoing the procedure. Why?

Firstly, the increased popularity of intense exercise means many of us are wearing out our joints quicker than before. Conversely, higher rates of obesity mean more of us are putting strain on our joints another way. Both obesity and exercise can be linked to osteoarthritis2, strain can wear away the tissue and diminish the fluid that absorbs shock to the joints when we move. The result: hip pain and reduced range of movement. This is incredibly frustrating, leading to a feeling that your body is just not keeping up with you. Indeed, as Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons Mr Stephen Cannon has said: ‘Chronic hip pain can have a devastating effect on quality of life and our ability to remain active. People don’t want to live with this pain.’3

Surgery has always been seen as a last resort – and with good reason. Although there have been great advancements in hip replacement, the reality is that the procedure still comes with risks and associated problems. Hip replacement carries all the normal risks of major surgery such as blood clots, bleeding and infection, not to mention the associated recovery time off work. What’s more, in some cases – up to almost 5% – a new hip will dislocate, requiring further surgery under anaesthetic to fix it.4 A replacement hip can also wear or loosen over time, creating pain and the need for repeat surgery.

With all this in mind, many people understandably wish to delay hip replacement for as long as possible. That’s why many in the know are turning to revolutionary viscosupplement injections to combat osteoarthritis hip pain. Viscosupplementation is a ground-breaking, proven method to treat the hip pain and reduced mobility associated with osteoarthritis. The treatment consists of an injection of fluid which mimics the function of your very own young, healthy joint fluid of the past. This injected fluid, hyaluronic acid, is actually naturally occurring in your own joint fluid to begin with. Once injected, it cushions and lubricates your joints to alleviate pain and make movement easier again.

Through extensive, peer-reviewed research, Viscosupplementation has been confirmed to have far fewer and much milder associated side effects than other treatments for hip pain and osteoarthritis. If you want to be free of hip pain without the risks and side effects of surgery call 020 7118 1771 for a consultation with a pain specialist.