• Pain in shoulder

Saturated Fatty Acids Linked To Osteoarthritis

A new study has cited saturated fat as the ‘prime suspect’ in the onset of osteoarthritis.1

As we know, diet plays a huge role in helping to alleviate the symptoms of joint pain; being overweight or obese in itself can bring on the disease and aggravate symptoms. There are […]

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  • Stretching exercise for back

Yoga for Joint Pain

If you suffer with joint pain either due to an injury or osteoarthritis, exercise of any kind will probably be the last thing you feel like doing, but research shows the right sort can improve flexibility and reduce pain.
Yoga has frequently been recommended on the basis of anecdotes, but […]

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Can collagen pills ease your joint pain?

Have you seen speculation in the media recently about collagen supplements as a treatment for joint pain? It sounds exciting, but is it based on hard evidence or just anecdotes? Let’s break it down.

Ligaments connect bones and as a consequence, hold our joints together. Tendons are what attach our […]

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  • Turmeric eases pain

Turmeric Eases Joint Pain

Spice things up! A diet with more turmeric in it might help your osteoarthritis, new research shows

Turmeric is a favourite in a lot of the Indian curry dishes that Britons love so much, but the yellow spice has long been said to have plus-points far beyond a satisfied […]

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  • 8-ways-to-ease-your-cold-weather-joint-pain

8 ways to ease your cold weather joint pain

A recent pioneering study of 12,500 Britons has confirmed what almost all joint pain sufferers already knew: joint pain gets worse in cold weather.1 So what can you do about it? Here are 8 simple ways to help ease your joint pain this winter.

Move It

When you’re feeling cramped up […]

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  • Hip Pain Relief With Viscosupplements

Huge increase in hip replacement surgery for under-60s – but painful surgery is not the only way

It’s a procedure that has long been a byword for old age, but now hip replacement surgery is increasingly being sought by people in their 40s and 50s. In fact analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons1 has shown a 76% increase in the number of people under […]

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  • Benefits of Exercise on Knee Osteoarthritis

The Benefits of Exercise on Knee Osteoarthritis

The benefits of exercise on all body parts and functions cannot be disputed, no less when it comes to osteoarthritis of the knee. Knee osteoarthritis is the loss of cartilage from the knee joint. Often bone will grow instead to fill the void, but grows in the […]

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  • Why Osteoarthritis Is A Threat At Any Age

Why Osteoarthritis Is A Threat At Any Age

Yes, it is a well-known fact that over time the body sustains greater levels of wear and tear and that osteoarthritis is more common in the elderly than it is in any other age group. However, it is by no means a condition exclusively synonymous with old age. […]

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  • Top 5 Causes of Joint Pain

Top 5 Causes Of Joint Pain

Joint pain is becoming increasingly common here in the UK, and although there are numerous different causes and types of joint pain, there are a few key culprits that tend to crop up more often than others.

Generally speaking, joint pain will tend to strike the knee joint hardest – […]

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  • How To Avoid Knee Surgery

How To Avoid Knee Surgery

Although opting to have knee surgery may be the only solution for some conditions, there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to managing and treating joint pain. Just a few lifestyle tweaks or trying something new can really make the difference for some people. Of course, it depends […]

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