Your treatment process with us is very simple. Here’s how it works step-by-step:

1. Initial consultation with a Pain Consultant
After making first contact by telephone, you will be booked in for an initial consultation with a Pain Consultant. In this meeting, your joint pain along with your medical history will be examined. An assessment of your suitability for the investigative stage will then be made.

2. Investigative MRI scan at the Imaging Clinic
You will be given an appointment at one of our subscribed clinics with state-of-the-art imaging equipment to undertake an MRI scan of your affected joint. Your scan report will then be sent to your Pain Consultant.

3. MRI scan review by the Pain Consultant
The Pain Consultant will carefully scrutinise your MRI scan report and review your medical history to assess your suitability for Viscosupplementation. You will be informed of the findings by a letter.

4. Viscosupplementation at the Imaging Clinic
You will be booked in for ultrasound-guided Viscosupplement injection at one of our subscribed clinics. Here you will be expertly treated with Viscosupplements to restore movement and relieve pain on a long-term basis. Our Imaging Clinics use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to ensure the treatment fluid is injected into precisely the right place to restore movement and relieve pain – enabling you to make the most of life again.

5. Follow-up consultation with the Pain Consultant
You will be given a follow-up appointment with the Pain Consultant to discuss any post-procedure issues. This will also give your Pain Consultant an opportunity to ascertain treatment success and advise on recovery. (Note: To ensure a high standard of care, this follow-up meeting with the consultant is a mandatory requirement for all Viscosupplementation patients.)

It really is as simple as that. To take your first steps to a pain free life, contact us today.